Teen Recovery Solutions is a non-profit organization that empowers Oklahoma teens and families to succeed by providing an accredited recovery high school, supportive alternative peer groups, and advocacy for teen recovery.
Committed to Teens in Recovery

TRS has been providing long-term addiction recovery tools for Oklahoma City teens and their families since 2000. TRS began by offering financial assistance to qualifying parents unable to afford the high cost of residential treatment programs. Upon seeing how many teens relapsed into abuse after they returned to their home high schools, TRS began a recovery high school in 2006. Mission Academy High School is one of only 37 recovery high schools in the United States.

Seeing the need for a teen recovery community for after-school and weekend support, in 2012 TRS launched an alternative peer group. Mission Peer Group provides teens weekly and weekend positive social activities, individual and group counseling, family support groups, age-appropriate recovery meetings, and regular retreats.

In 2014, TRS added the Real Talk for Teens series to focus on prevention by educating teens about the realities of substance abuse.

Andrew Rice

Andrew Rice, Executive Director, has worked across the nation and internationally to improve the social and economic circumstances of people in need. Originally from Oklahoma City, he served as Oklahoma State Senator and Senate Minority Leader from 2006 to 2012 and was recognized numerous times for his service in the areas of health policy and social justice. Before coming to TRS, Andrew served as the Executive Director of the Variety Care Foundation, which provides charitable support and public awareness for Oklahoma’s largest community health center. He says his own struggles with addiction as a teen make him especially thankful that he gets to help teens and families overcome addiction and move toward success and health.

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Maggie Brown

Maggie Brown, Director of Development and Marketing, is a nonprofit professional with a passion for connecting people to causes they care about. She earned her BA from the University of Central Oklahoma and a master's degree from Oklahoma City University in Nonprofit Leadership. Her diverse experience with nonprofits includes long-term strategic planning, program evaluation, advocacy, digital and print marketing, and leading numerous events. She was led to Teen Recovery Solutions by a heart for youth with substance abuse disorders. She is proud to be involved with an organization that makes recovery fun. 

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Mike Maddox

Mike Maddox, Clinical Director, led TRS in introducing the first Alternative Peer Group in Oklahoma in 2012 and is responsible for therapeutic recovery services for Mission Academy High School. He holds an MS in Psychology and is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Mike has worked at inpatient treatment centers, at outpatient treatment centers, and in private practice treating teens, families, and adults. He would like to see the stigma of substance abuse lifted and society embrace recovery from the disease of addiction. He is a firm believer that recovery must be more fun for teens than using substances.

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Tiffany Grochowsky

Tiffany Grochowsky serves as Lead Recovery Coach for the Teen Recovery Solutions Alternative Peer Group and Mission Academy. She began working with TRS in 2014. Tiffany uses her own experience, as well as professional development, to mentor teens as they navigate early recovery. She believes in implementing several tools in the process of growth such as wellness, physical activity, spiritual exploration and self-examination. Tiffany works individually with teens during the APG as well as during the Mission Academy school day to implement recovery skills and support. She also co-facilitates Teen Talk, TRS’s early education to substance abuse series. Tiffany has found a great passion and gratitude for the opportunity to work with adolescents in their journey to recovery and prides herself on the ability to meet teens where they are at any stage in the process.

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Doug McPheron

Doug McPheron serves as Lead Teacher at Mission Academy High School and received his BA in Psychology from the University of South Alabama. Graduating with a Distinguished Military Cadet Award from the Army ROTC, he proudly served as Tank Platoon Leader and Brigade Recon Leader in both Germany and Kosovo. He strongly believes in the inherent worth of each of his students and the promise of their future. His experience in business management helps him encourage life skills in students as he individualizes instruction to maximize their strengths.

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Laneta Going

Laneta Going serves as Arts & Literacy Specialist for Mission Academy High School. She received her BS in Art Education from Oklahoma State University and her National Board Certification in 2003. She also is a Fellow for OKA+ Schools and leads teacher workshops across Oklahoma on the integration of the arts. Laneta was chosen Teacher of the Year twice and selected by Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence to be an ambassador to the National Art Education Association Convention. She has great rapport with students and believes in the power of the arts to bring about the greatest opportunities for meaningful learning.

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Robyn Meade-Ritter

Robyn Meade-Ritter serves as the sciences instructor at Mission Academy High School.  She received her BS in Biology Education and a BS in chemistry from the University of Central Oklahoma.  Robyn has a passion for science and nature.  She is a life time member of Girl Scouts of America and received her Gold Award as a teen.  Robyn has spent many years volunteering with young people and began working at Mission Academy as a tutor while completing college.  Through these experiences she came to feel that Mission Academy was the place she was called to teach.  She believes that each student that comes through the door has a unique background and set of strengths and that encouraging students to explore and develop these strengths is a path to success.

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Part-Time Staff and Contract

Christy Prather-Skinner, Counselor
Rachel Perrault, Recovery Coach
Zack White, Recovery Coach
DeAnne Dooley, Parent Recovery Coach

Sue Morrison, CPA
Luton & Co., PLLC, Auditor


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Board Of Directors

Frank Turner, President
Liz Hoffman, Vice-President
JD Fennell, Secretary
Scott Brown, Treasurer

Klint Cowan
Kate Huston
Brian Kelley
Laura Kerr
Kathy Payne
Ryan Thompson
Paula Wade


If you wonder whether a teen in your life might benefit from our services, contact our clinical director to schedule a free consultation or no-cost substance abuse evaluation. 405-843-9100 or [email protected]

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