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Mission Academy provides an educational environment for college-bound high school students from 13 to 18 years of age who are committed to a sober lifestyle. The needs of a recovering high school student are unique and require a supportive and individualized environment devoid of the factors that lead to past addictive behaviors. Our school is fully accredited by the State of Oklahoma and the United States Department of Education and is also a member of OKA+ Schools and the Association of Recovery Schools. We are one of only 24 recovery high schools in the United States and the only one in Oklahoma.

Upon admission, each student's unique academic requirements are evaluated, and a self-paced, yet guided and supervised online curriculum is designed that best meets the needs of the student and their family. In addition to college-prep coursework, students participate in art and other electives designed to provide self-discovery and gain knowledge about college or careers, hobbies, and service projects that strengthen both resiliency and recovery. Field trips include visits to universities, museums, corporations, performances, and community sites of interest. Internships and work/study programs are also available options. Class meets daily from 8:30 to 3:30 and operates on a year-round schedule.

A sober framework is essential to our approach, so applicants must have received intensive outpatient or residential treatment and/or have demonstrated 30 days of continuous sobriety prior to admission. We require that students at Mission Academy also fully participate in Mission Peer Group and Counseling and are held highly accountable with frequent and random drug screening.

Mission Academy is fee-based, but financial assistance is available to qualified families. We are approved under Oklahoma's Lindsay Nicole Henry Scholarship program for students who have an Individualized Academic Plan (IEP) at a public school.

A no-charge assessment is available upon request. Please contact Janet Oden or Mike Maddox by phone at 405.843.9100 or by email at joden@teenrecoverysolutions.org or mmaddox@teenrecoverysolutions.org.


Mission Peer Group is an after-school and weekend program offering a unique opportunity to share experiences and build relationships with other teens committed to a sober lifestyle. The recovery peer group has proven to be an essential part of teen recovery, and participation is required for all students in Mission Academy.

Meeting approximately 20 hours per week and led by youth recovery coaches, our students participate in age-appropriate social functions and outdoor activities, or just hang out in a sober and safe environment. These pro-social activities include rock climbing, bicycling, kayaking, hiking, performances, concerts, and theatre. The highlights are our quarterly wilderness retreats where teens are encouraged to get in touch with the deeper spiritual elements of recovery. Our goal is to help teens realize that sobriety can be fun and life-affirming. We also teach basic life skills such as financial management, problem solving, communication, and conflict resolution.

Our Peer Group activities are available to high-school age teens who have demonstrated a commitment to sobriety and recovery even though they may not be enrolled in Mission Academy. Please contact Janet Oden at 405.843.2402 or joden@teenrecoverysolutions.org.


Teens in recovery are often dealing with co-occuring emotional issues that have been self-medicated with substances. As one therapist shared, "You can't redecorate the kitchen until you've put out the fire!".

Our counseling services involve both the teen and his or her family in addressing these issues. Research has shown that parental participation greatly improves the chance of long-term recovery. Based on the 12-step principles of recovery, our groups are led by licensed therapists. Groups meet several times per week and individual sessions are available as needed. We also work closely with outside therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, and can make referrals when needed.

Our Counseling Services are available to all teens and families participating in Mission Peer Group at no additional charge. Two age-appropriate teen recovery meetings are open to any teen on Mondays and Wednesdays. Also, our Family Group is open on Mondays.



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